In-Service Training Sessions are frequently organized every year to orient newcomers or to orient the old ones. The purposes of INSET Sessions are:

  1. To promote the continuous improvement of the total professional staff of the school system
  2. To eliminate deficiencies in the background preparation of teachers and other professional workers in education
  3. To keep the professional abreast of new knowledge
  4. To release creative activities
  5. To give the much-needed support to the teachers who are entering a responsibility or a new field of work especially the new teachers

In consonance with the University’s recognition that the workplace must be a priority setting for promoting health and wellbeing, the UCU SMART Wellness Program “FIT & FAB” was conceptualized to provide a supportive environment and healthy activities for the employees. Moreover, this will enhance positive social conditions, build personal skills and organizational resilience, and promote a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, it will implement initiatives to create a workplace culture where people are healthier, happier, and enjoy a better work-life balance. The wellness program will be in collaboration with the University Clinic, University Health Watch, UCU Wellness SPA, College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, College of Nursing, and College of Midwifery.